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About the Program

Preschool at Global Garden International School (GGIS) is a mixed age classroom of children 3-5 years of age. Classes run 4 days a week Monday to Thursday to maximize Spanish language proficiency. The classroom consists of 2 native Spanish speaking teachers and one assistant. Spanish is spoken from the moment children enter the classroom. Children who attend 4 days a week starting in September will acquire passive language fluency within 10 months of starting. No prior Spanish language is required.

A large organic breakfast is served each day and lunch on Thursday. Fruit and vegetables come from our neighbor the Green Market and children are encouraged to try new things. Learning healthy eating habits and having a warm meal prepared each day is a central part of our program. Warm herbal tea and filtered water are served daily. Because our breakfast is substantial, parents only need to pack a very small lunch on Monday through Wednesday.

There is a high demand for the preschool program. Preference is given to multi-lingual families and those that live within walking distance to the school.

Preschool Schedule

Preschool Class is held four days a week, Monday through Thursday. School Hours are 8:30am – 12:30/1:30pm.

2022-2023 Calendar

Sept. 7 First day of school 8:30am
Oct. 10 Indigenous Peoples’ Day (closed)
Nov. 23 Parent teacher meetings (closed)
Nov. 24-25 Thanksgiving (closed)
Dec. 23- Jan 2 Winter break
January 3, 2023, School resumes
January 16 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (closed)
Feb 17-20 Mid-Winter closure
March 24- 27 In service days staff (closed)
May 29 Memorial Day (closed)
June 19 Juneteenth (closed)
June 22 Last day Preschool
June 23 Last day Friday class
June 26-29 Make up days for unscheduled school closures.
Summer Camp starts July 10 (Mon~Thurs) through August 10.

*Please note this calendar is subject to change.

Our flexibility and willingness to follow a child’s lead will allow remarkable things to happen, if we let them.”

– Bev Bos, American teacher, author and advocate for play-based learning